DAVE MUSTAINE’s Daughter Sings CARRIE UNDERWOOD For Wounded Soldiers

Posted by Rebecca Tremblay

On August 22, Electra Mustaine, the 15-year-old daughter of MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine, and Jason Kertson, the 16-year-old grandson of Rob Lind, a member of THE SONICS, a Seattle-area band that helped shaped the punk rock music sound in the ’60s, played a short acoustic set for many of the wounded soldiers at the Fort Lewis army facility near Olympia, Washington.

Electra and Jason performed their version of the MEGADETH song “A Tout Le Monde” on King 5 TV’s “New Day” with Margaret Larson, then joined Margaret to talk about their families’ respective musical legacies and why it’s important for them to respect and support the military. Brittney Hamilton, founder of Operation Ward 57, a non-profit organization that helps wounded servicemembers and their families, shared more about the work the group does and praised Electra, Jason and other young people who take such an active role to salute and support the military.

In a 2005 interview with Musician’s Friend, Dave Mustaine was asked if either of his children were musically inclined and if so, if there were any desires to follow in dad’s footsteps as a rock star. “My son [Justis] plays guitar in the band at the school he goes to,” Dave said. “He goes to a Christian Academy and he plays in the worship band there. Which, go figure, Dave Mustaine’s kid’s playing worship songs! Which I’m very thrilled about, because when he was born, all I wanted was him to be able to know God’s word, and be a black belt in the martial arts style that I’ve been training in, so he could take care of himself and if he’s meant to die that he would go to Heaven. Pretty much everything I’ve wanted out of this kid, he’s done. He gets great grades, he’s beautiful like his mom, and he actually can play! When we were in Germany, he was soundchecking, and we found some peckerhead out there with a video camera taping him. I’m like, ‘You ain’t getting the exclusive on this kid, guy!’ We nabbed the camera. The drummer Shawn Drover’s son, his name is Ryan, was playing drums and Justis was up there jamming on guitar. Now, Electra, my daughter, plays piano, and she’s got a really good voice, but she’s still seven, so a lot of that is just seven-year-old, childlike, angelic singing. Most really young children, when they sing, sound angelic and as soon as they cross that little imaginary line of puberty their voice starts to sound like two cats having sex in an alley.”