DISTURBED Hopes To Enter Studio By Early 2018 To Record Follow-Up To ‘Immortalized’


DISTURBED is hoping to enter the studio by early next year to begin recording the follow-up to 2015’s “Immortalized”. Speaking to a German media outlet on February 15 before DISTURBED’s concert in Berlin, guitarist Dan Donegan stated about the band’s plans for the coming months: “Once we’re done [touring], I think everybody is gonna unwind a bit. We’re all gonna get home and spend some time with our families. And we’ll just let it come naturally.”

He continued: “I have a bunch of ideas that I’ll record on my phone or in the dressing room, and I’ll just save some riff ideas and readdress them later at another time, once we’re all in the right headspace for it. But anytime we’ve written, it always has to just come naturally, when we all feel that we’re ready. There’s never any pressure of saying, ‘We have to start writing right now.’ We don’t like to put any kind of time frame on things.”

DISTURBED brought its nearly four-year hiatus to a close with the August 2015 release of “Immortalized”, the heavy rock quartet’s sixth studio album overall and first of new material since “Asylum” in 2010. The effort became became DISTURBED’s fifth album to enter The Billboard 200 chart at No. 1 — a feat shared only with METALLICA and DAVE MATTHEWS BAND. The band’s success was bolstered by several chart-topping singles from “Immortalized”, including its massive hit cover of SIMON & GARFUNKEL’s classic “The Sound Of Silence”.

“There is still a lot of excitement within the band because of the success of this album, because of us returning after a four-year break, and because of the fans’ reaction, because of the success of ‘The Sound Of Silence’, so it’s definitely got us in the mindset of still feeling pumped up,” Dan said. “I definitely don’t anticipate us taking a long break. But there might be a little bit of time — it won’t be nothing like a four-year hiatus. I think hopefully by at least, if not this year, by early next year, hopefully, we’ll be in the studio again.”

“The Sound Of Silence” was certified platinum last June for sales or downloads of more than one million copies, while “Immortalized”, DISTURBED’s fifth No. 1 album in a row, hit gold in September for 500,000 copies sold.