SHARON OSBOURNE Shoots Down Rumors Of “The Osbournes” Return To Small Screen

Posted by Rebecca Tremblay


Sharon Osbourne has shot down rumors that her family’s reality show “The Osbournes” may be returning to the small screen.

Sharon and Ozzy’s son Jack revealed in a recent interview that he and his parents “have talked about” the possibility of resurrecting the MTV program, which aired from 2002 to 2005. “It’s been thrown around a little bit,” he said.

However, Sharon made it clear earlier today (Tuesday, October 29) on her talk show “The Talk” that any reports of “The Osbournes” coming back are “absolutely not true.” She added: “We could never touch what was.”

In a 2012 interview, Sharon stated about “The Osbournes”: “Our lives were never the same again. Everybody’s grown up with Ozzy, everybody loves Ozzy, but for us we were a family. You know, we weren’t in the public eye at all, and it changed our lives so much.”

In “The Osbournes”, the legendary singer would often be seen running on a treadmill and getting fit. But he told The Daily Record back in 2009 that it was all a charade. Once the cameras stopped rolling, Ozzy, supposedly a recovering alcoholic, would go to a room and get stoned.

Sharon said: “As Ozzy will tell you, the three years that we were filming, Ozzy was stoned the whole time. He wasn’t sober for one day.”

Ozzy revealed: “When the filming ended, I’d go in my little bunker and smoke a pipe and drink about a case of beer every day. I’d give myself some goodness and get up early in the morning and go jogging for six miles.”

Ozzy admitted he couldn’t watch the show — because it’s obvious by his body language in front of camera that he didn’t know what time of day it was. He said: “I used to do a lot of prescription drugs as well.”