FILTER Raise The Curtain To Present Moving New Video For Their Fresh Single: “SURPRISE”

Posted by Rebecca Tremblay
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Despite rockers normally like it heavy, it’s okay for them to also show a more sensitive side from time to time, and that’s what fans are getting with Filter‘s moving new clip for their current single, “Surprise.”

While Richard Patrick and guitarist Jonny Radtke both make appearances in the video, the action primarily centers on a young mother and her daughter. The video finds the woman in a series of difficult situations as she attempts to shield her daughter’s innocence from the harsh realities of the day.

“This video is the best Filter video so far,” says Patrick. “I had an idea about how fierce a single mother would have to be ‘if she had nothing at all but lived her life right,’ being there for her children like a wolf if for her cubs or a hawk is for her chicks. Gus Black had respect for what I was trying to say. He took my concept and made it the beautiful tribute that it is.”

The Gus Black-directed clip also features another Patrick as the singer’s daughter Sloan portrays the little girl in the video. And of course, the proud papa had this to say: “Thank you Gus. Not to mention … the debut of my daughter as an actor. Great job Sloan!” In addition to the mother-daughter storyline, the song’s melodic tones fit well against some of Black’s shots of the desert and a beach at sunset.

“Surprise” is featured on the band’s latest album, “The Sun Comes Out Tonight.” The band will return to the road this weekend as part of Australia’s Soundwave festival.