METALLICA’s JAMES HETFIELD: It’s A ‘Blessing’ To Be Doing What We Love After 30 Years

Posted by Rebecca Tremblay

The four members of METALLICA took part in a press conference prior to the band’s August 24 performance at Changi Exhibition Centre in Singapore.

On how they deal with the physical demands of touring:

Kirk Hammett (guitar): “I do a lot of yoga. We’re all pretty physical. Rob [bassist Robert Trujillo] and I like to surf. We just got off a week-long stint in Bali, surfing a lot. You know, it’s important to keep maintenance on the road — eat well, sleep well, and just make sure the engine inside is running well. It’s really important. ‘Cause the last thing I wanna do is drop on stage.”

Robert Trujillo: “You go through transitions in life, and you have to adjust, and you have to listen to your body and you have to listen to your spirit and really focus on what that means. And you will continue to enjoy life and do things that you couldn’t imagine. I mean, to be honest, at least for Kirk and I, we’re surfing better than we ever have in our life right now, at our age, which is pretty cool. So if you take that to the stage as well, it’s the same principle. You get up there, you play hard and you just know your body and don’t push the limits too far so you don’t hurt yourself.”

Lars Ulrich (drums): “We have two guys downstairs who take care of stretching us and putting us back into shape — our necks and our arms and everything. They’re among the two hardest-working guys in rock and roll. So we take all that stuff really seriously. I mean, if you could see our [tour] rider, it’s carrots and strange vegetables and nasty fruit juices. It’s not what it was back in the day, thankfully. But yeah, we do take [staying healthy] very seriously. Absolutely.”

On how long they can keep METALLICA going:

James Hetfield (guitar, vocals): “We’ll do this until we don’t wanna do it anymore; it’s as simple as that. There’s no use doing something your heart is not in. But for us, we love what we do and we’re blessed that way.”

On what advice they would give to young, up-and-coming bands:

James Hetfield: “The advice that I’d like to give bands that are coming up is just be honest with yourself, be honest with your music, write music that you like. It’s as simple as that. And if you show honesty, the people will come, and then it’s easier to be yourself.”