Kurt Cobain’s childhood home up for sale

Posted by Rebecca Tremblay


The house where rock legend Kurt Cobain grew up is to go on sale for $500,000.

The white wood bungalow, in Aberdeen, Washington is being put on the market by his mother Wendy O’Connor, who has kept hold of the property despite previously moving out of the state.

Several famous photos of Cobain as a child and a teenager – including an iconic image of his early days playing guitar – were taken at the home, and his family is hoping the property will be preserved as a museum dedicated to the Nirvana star.

The rocker’s sister, Kim Cobain, says, “We’ve decided to sell the home to create a legacy for Kurt, and yes, there are some mixed feelings since we have all loved the home and it carries so many great memories. But our family has moved on from Washington, and w) feel it’s time to let go of the home.”

Cobain, who died in 1994 at the age of 27, was just two years old when his parents bought the bungalow in 1969, and he lived there on and off until his late teens.